See how long a card was in a list for free.

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Reportsfortrello.com reads your Trello activity and generates time tracking data. It will track how long a card was in your "Doing" list, or the membership of a card, or both. You can view your activity for free any time and your data is deleted after 24 min.

There are 3 types of time tracking available by simply using whatever Trello client you like (phone/tab/desktop). The list tracking shows how long a card was in a “doing” list ( or whatever list you want to track). The membership tracking shows how long a person had a card membership. The third tracking option combines the two and tracks how long a person had a membership while a card was in a certain list. This method allows for people to be assigned cards in a “to-do” list and only track the time while the card was dragged into the “doing” list. You can run a report any one of these ways whenever you want.

Yes, but only for 24 min. Trello data is read via the secure api and stored for 24 min and then erased. No email addresses or passwords are read or stored at all. My goal was to make something that is private in the way it should be.

I don't. I am working on some features that will costs some money. I like the idea of a useful base version being free forever.

This one guy in Cleveland. He lives a simple life and uses Trello for all of his projects. One day he dabbled with the Trello API and wondered if he could track his time while using Trello to communicate with his clients. It is then that this guy's life became even simpler. No more timers. No more typing tasks into some other system. One action now does two things.


See Every Board Member's Time

Get time tracking info for the whole team. See who touched what cards and when they did it.

Use Trello on the PC, Tablet, or Mobile

See how long a card was in a list or track card memberships without any timers or plugins!

No Hassles

No signup. No email address needed. No new passwords. Just use Trello to login.

Built for Trello

Developed for Trello using Trello. Go here for the Trello board for this site.

Up to 20,000 records in a report

See up to 20 boards at one time for free!


No subscriptions required. Reports for Trello builds time data from the actions you have already made.

Questions? Ideas? Need help? email: support @ or post on the Reports for Trello Support board.

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